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Covid-19 and data literacy :
A comprehensive journey into the Odyssey of our era.

Covid 19
La Sorbonne

Our Approach

We use a multidisciplinary approach for our course, as well as research based education.


Enrol oneself into the course. Once your e-mail verified, you will have to ask the permission from your study director. Then you'll also be able to utilise the access to our Moodle platform.


Enhance Learning

Better understanding the concept of “model”, manipulating the data, acting in autonomy, exercising their critical thinking and countering fake news



In this page you will find one examples of reports of the students of the previous years


The 4EU+ European University Alliance brings together six comprehensive, research-intensive, public universities from four regions of Europe to strengthen the European vision of deepened cooperation and mutual enrichment by developing a new quality of cooperation in teaching, education, research and administration, leading to the creation of a truly integrated European University System.

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