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Our Course

This course is jointly made by Sorbonne University, Charles University, the University of Milano, and the University of Heidelberg. It is aimed for students starting from Bachelor 1 and is multidisciplinary. Fully online, it is running in the spring semester.

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Coordinator’s Word

This course equips students with the knowledge to understand the Covid pandemic in all dimensions: better understanding of the concept of “model”, manipulating the data, acting in autonomy, exercising their critical thinking and countering fake news. 

There are no prerequisites except a good level in English. It may bee tough if you really don’t have any mathematical background, but we have designed 2 pedagogical tracks to address this specific question. You will learn a lot about Covid-19 though you will not become an expert in this disease.

What we expect is that you be confident in the soundness of your knowledge because you will assimilate a better comprehension of the scientific methods. Likewise, you will better understand how to work within the framework of a model, manipulate relevant data, strengthen autonomie and reinforce your critical thinking through a transdisciplinary approach.

- Sabine Bottin-Rousseau

L'obtention du diplôme


Covid-19 crisis raises problems and questions in many areas, The university has the position and the mission to tackle major societal issues, A solid foundation in several disciplines is needed to resolve them. 

Objectives of the course

  • Understand the pandemic 

  • Manipulate data

  • Become a critical thinker

  • Act in autonomy

Faculty & Staff

You will find below the different professors who have designed and are involved in the course


Sabine Bottin-Rousseau

Pr. of Physics


Olivier Milhaud

Pr. of Geography


Christiane Schwieren

Pr. of Economy


Elia Biganzoli

Pr. of Biostatistics


Beate Collet

Pr. of Sociology


Khaled M Ismail

Pr. of  Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Olivier Lopez

Pr. of Mathematics


Laurent Koelblen

Pr. of Mathematics


Antoine Rauzy

Pr. of  Mathematics


Cédric Paternotte

Pr. of Philosophy

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Antonelle Delle Fave

Pr. of Psychology

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