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You will learn a lot about Covid, but you  will not become an expert in this disease!


What we expect is that you will be confident in the soundness of your knowledge through a better understanding of the scientific methods.


You will improve your methods on how to work inside the framework of a model, manipulating the data, acting independently and exercising your critical thinking.

This course is divided into three parts:

  • The experts courses

  • The practical training on statistics and data

  • The research project

The course attributes 3 ECTS, and requires 60 working hours.

Bibliothèque avec étudiants

Expert courses


In a multidisciplinary approach, teachers of health, physical sciences and humanities present in short videos the researchers' answers to the issues posed by the pandemic.

Statistical Course 


Practical work in Python

Revewing Graphs

In a second phase, practical training on data and statistics is proposed to better master and understand digital representations.

You will learn basic concepts in statistics and epidemiological models. You will be able to calculate basic quantities in probability and use basic concepts in statistics, be able to differentiate the target and the estimator. You will develop a critical approach of the epidemiological models.

The course incorporates 5 modules with sometimes a different approach for each level: beginners or non-science and students in science.

It also enables 6 practical classes in Python with Notebooks using JupyterHub

Finally, an Asynchronous mode is also available.

Research project in international groups

Étudiants à la bibliothéque

You will have to produce a collaborative report on one of the main subjects being part of international groups.

One of the objectives is to be able to conduct a small research project and to be able to collaborate remotely.

You will gain soft skills by working in a multicultural environment and by exercising 

critical thinking on basic research.

Oral defense


The oral defence, in group, will take place in front of a jury composed of the experts tutoring the group and non-expert of the subjects being professors of the other parts of the course.

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